Robin Williams To Star In ‘Mrs DoubtFire 2’ | Film News

Robin Williams set to star in ‘Mrs DoubtFire 2’


Legendary comedic actor Robin Williams is set to star in the comedy Mrs DoubtFire 2. It has been 21 years since ‘Mrs DoubtFire’ appeared on cinema screens across the world. The film, upon release, received major box office success unknown during that time, and a sequel to the film has been worked on from as early as 2001. Unfortunately, upon Williams seeing the script in 2006 he rejected it causing script writers to start again but now, screenwriter David Berenbaum managed to write a script for the long awaited sequel which Williams took an interest in. He is now confirmed to be on board to reprise his role. Though, it will be interesting to see the reasoning for putting Williams in a dress after twenty years.



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