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Film review of ‘RoboCop’


The Robocop remake that hit the cinemas earlier this month is adapted from the original 1987 film starring Peter Weller as the robotic police office. In the new film, Joel Kinnaman stars as policeman Alex Murphy who is badly wounded in a car explosion, perpetuated by crime boss Antoine Vallon to take his life. With consent from Murphy’s wife (Abbie Cornish), Omnicorp lead scientist Dr. Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman) merges his human body with a machine and the new Alex Murphy is released onto the streets to tackle crime.


This film is a lot more gory and bloody than the original and may cause you to close your eyes at some parts and unlike the original, the José Padilha-directed remake has many dimensions. The first hour of the film moves quite slowly with Murphy trying to accept his new physical form and how it will affect his family with the next hour looking at human emotion, a father/son bond and the age old question of human versus machine, which one is stronger.


The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film is an interesting re-invention of the original and it definitely has improved upon the storyline, thanks to Joshua Zetumer who wrote the screenplay. Furthermore, Samuel L. Jackson shines as the news anchor who detailed Murphy’s performance, the future of machines as police officers and the politician’s opinion on this. His quick remarks, blunt attitude and ability to ask what the audience is thinking acted as great comic relief. I give ‘RoboCop’ three out of five stars.



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