Romanian Singer-Songwriter Eneli Releases New Single ‘Far From Anywhere’

Romanian singer Eneli has released her second single under the Universal Music imprint, the powerful pop ballad “Far From Anywhere“.

She gives a piano ballad a style that is nearly anthemic, demonstrating the difficulty of writing a song about real love. With her gorgeous voice, her pop aesthetic, and her moving songs about loss, love, and loneliness, she transports us from one feeling to another.

Ileana-Maria Popescu, better known by her stage name Eneli, is a successful singer, songwriter, and producer who has worked with numerous producers from around the world, including Mahmut Orhan, Manuel Riva, and Vanotek. Her successful collaborations with these producers have amassed over 150 million views on YouTube.

When she was only four years old and already singing in the church choir, her love for music started to grow at a young age. She then began to take music seriously with the help of her family, went to Bucharest for music training, took part in several festivals and competitions, and was the lead vocalist of two bands she created in her hometown.

One of the songs she created in 2016 called “MHM MHM” was a huge hit in Europe and peaked at number 25 on the US Billboard Dance Chart.

In the two years that followed, she made significant strides in her career, working well with producers and DJs on projects that received millions of views on Youtube.

Her creative process and view of herself as an artist have been affected by doing all of this as an independent artist.

Now living in London, she explains: “When it comes to music and art in general, I believe in strong vision, passion, truth, hard work and authenticity. I believe there is a greater responsibility to creating. I believe in purpose“.

We can’t wait to see what the Romanian artist will propose to us next.

Listen to “Far From Anywhere” below:


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