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Rocketing out of Brooklyn, Communion-signed Indie Dance five piece band Rubblebucket, known as a not to be missed band at festivals, are set to release their forthcoming EP titled Carousel Ride on August the 11th. The EP’s lead single and title track “Carousel Ride” is literally like being on a Carousel Ride and whether that was the idea or not, I’m not sure but either way, the track comes with a feisty melodic kick and sits as one of the hardest hitting songs of the summer with its rich and brass-tastic sound, big drums, gentle keys and a mesmerizing central riff that rides its way through the whole song.


What works so strangely yet perfectly in this track is the soft and compelling vocals from lead singer Kalmia Traver that flow their way through the song and somehow work in utter harmony with the heavy and explosive riffs and melody. This unique, thumping yet stunning new single along with their forthcoming EP was produced and mixed by John Congleton and you may be thinking ‘Carousel Ride’ seems like a strange concept for a song/EP title but songwriter Alex Toth gives a few answers to these questions.


He explains, “I used to run around like a heathen, howling poetry at the moon, dancing till dawn and waking up places not knowing how I got there. I still do most of those things, just without alcohol or drugs. A friend of mine calls this the ‘carousel ride’ – pay the piper, go for a spin, then you have to get off and walk straight again“. After hearing that explanation I, could not think of a more perfect name for the record and I’m sure you will agree, check out the brand new single right here.




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