RubyGold And CTT Beats Bring Romance To 2024 With ‘Loving On Me’

RubyGold and CTT Beats kick off 2024 with a bang, dropping their collaboration, “Loving On Me.” The track, a blend of R&B and afropop, arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day, adding a romantic touch to the season.

Renowned for her versatility, RubyGold shines in this release, showcasing her sultry vocals against CTT Beats’ smooth instrumental. The accompanying music video, shot in four locations, captures RubyGold’s sexy yet playful side.

Mark Insley of CTT Beats shares RubyGold’s enthusiasm, noting that she considers “Loving On Me” possibly her favorite song ever. With her track record of hits, this endorsement speaks volumes about the song’s potential.

RubyGold, a prominent figure in the South African music scene, boasts an impressive resume of hits, including collaborations with renowned artists like Revolution, MonoTone, and RMBO TRST THE DJ. Her independent album, Love Supreme, released in 2020, showcased her diverse talents, drawing influences from trance and jazz.

With a resurgence in 2023 and a lineup of singles and projects for 2024, RubyGold continues to captivate audiences with her fusion of R&B and Afropop.

CTT Beats, known for their fusion of genres and collaboration with top vocalists, has once again delivered a standout production. They cross several type of music between rap, R&B, drill, and amapiano.

Their partnership with 4US Music from Durban has resulted in an instrumental that perfectly complements RubyGold’s vocals, creating a harmonious blend of sounds.

As CTT Beats continues to explore various genres, their focus remains on delivering quality music infused with an Afro flavor. With hits like “Balotell” and “Ole” setting the stage for future releases, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for the collective and their collaborators.

Listen to “Loving On Me” below!


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