Rukhsana Merrise – Could’ve Been | New Music


Fresh from featuring on Ghetts’ BBC 1Xtra Live Lounge show, West London singer-songwriter Rukhsana Merrise releases new single “Could’ve Been“, the second track taken from her hotly anticipated debut album Child, out December 14.


“Could’ve Been” showcases Rukhsana’s varied musical influences, drawing on folk and R&B to create an anthemically empowering story that touches upon the role chance can play in life. The delicate acoustic guitar verses pay homage to her early musical interests, while the R&B/Pop beat of the chorus show her refined taste . She manages to maintain an effortless flow over both styles is a testament to her skills as both a vocalist and songwriter.


Speaking on “Could’ve Been”, Rukhsana says: “Do you remember what you wanted to be ‘when you grow up?’ Takes you back right?”


“I remember wanting to be cool, heal the world and be just like my Auntie Merrise. As time goes on, we become adults and some of us end up being everything but the things we thought we would be. But does this mean you haven’t lived out your dream? This sentiment is to acknowledge the things you are vs the things you could’ve been.In the famous words of Kanye ‘Everything i’m not, made me everything I am.'”




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