Run The Jewels + SL Jones – Bust No Moves | New Music


This year’s Record Store Day just passed, and once again it was a day in which unheard musical gems were unveiled, and there weren’t many as stirring as Run The Jewels‘ in-your-face “Bust No Moves”. There’s the signature dark and futuristic production courtesty of the mad scientist that is El-P, and it creeps in through some far-off dimension. Killer Mike lets us in on how he gets his day started, “early morning riser reefer chiefer“, before having his “pistol pointed” at all “you sorry suckers“.


El-P “used to give a half-f**k, now [he] just laugh” and is taking danger to the next level, unthinkably “running with more than f**king scissors“. That berserker attitude is what’s made them the most explosive duo in rap right now. Arkansas rapper SL Jones takes on hook duties, and won’t settle for anything less than “the rings and the chains, the watches and the bracelets“. He wants it all, just like Run The Jewels do, and as El-P warns, rightfully, “the horror of your life is me and Mike are just beginning“. Be afraid.




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