Ryan Gosling Confirms He’s To Star In ‘Blade Runner 2’ | Film News

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Ryan Gosling Confirms He’s To Star In ‘Blade Runner 2’ | Film News



Blade Runner 2 is officially happening and very few details had been known, apart from Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Prisoners) is directing, it is being shot by cinematographer extraordinaire Roger Deakins (Sicario, Skyfall), and Harrison Ford would be returning as Deckard, but apart from that everything was mostly rumour. Oe of those rumours was that Ryan Gosling would be appearing alongside him. This has now been confirmed by Gosling himself.


Folks over at Collider were talking to Gosling, who was promoting his upcoming film The Big Short, when he was asked about the role, he confirmed he was cast but shut down any speculation by saying, “there’s a chip in me and if I say anything more I’ll explode if I say anything else“.


Blade Runner 2 does not have a confirmed release date, but in the same interview Gosling confirmed it would be the next film he was planning to shoot. Which is a pain because I need to get a countdown started for the film’s release date, until then I’ll keep watching every single version of the film on repeat (EVEN the original with the narration).



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