Ryn Scott Reflects On Life With ‘What Am I Doing Here?’

Ryn Scott, hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, now calls Metro-Detroit home. His music mirrors his Michigan upbringing and values, emphasizing family, friendship, and encouragement, as seen in his new release “What Am I Doing Here?”.

A Michigan-based Rap/Hip-Hop artist and writer born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, he’s now residing in Metro-Detroit. RYN SCOTT showcases an unparalleled mix of musical talent as he uses harmony, rhythm, poetry, and story-telling to deliver a unique sound to his followers.

Transitioning smoothly through venues like The Magic Stick in Detroit and The House of Blues in Boston, Scott’s journey is marked by authenticity and compassion, both on and off stage.

Not just another act, the artist’s performances at events like Detroit’s Harvest Fest & Food Truck Rally showcase his ability to connect with audiences. As he puts it, “Life’s about the journey, not just the destination.”

Scott’s latest track, “What Am I Doing Here?” echoes his personal evolution. It’s a reflection on navigating life’s changes, seeking peace, and appreciating genuine moments amidst the chaos.

In Scott’s own words, the song delves into “the pureness of a moment” and the importance of slowing down to appreciate life’s essentials. It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply in today’s fast-paced world.

His experiences, as he describes, shape the track’s authenticity: “It’s about finding what truly matters.”

“What Am I Doing Here?” isn’t just a song; it’s a reminder to pause, reflect, and cherish the journey. As Scott aptly puts it, “Life is less about the destination and more about the present moment.”

Listen to “What Am I Doing Here?” below!


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