Sam Blacky Teams Up With Niniola For New Single ‘Ronaldinho’

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Sam Blacky has teamed up with Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer-songwriter Niniola for their new single, “Ronaldinho.” This Afro-house track is out now on the Easier Said label and showcases a perfect blend of Blacky’s basslines and Niniola’s vocals.

“Ronaldinho” is a celebration of Sam Blacky’s love for Afro-house music and Niniola’s rich Nigerian heritage. The song features rhythmic instrumentals and melodies, creating a dynamic and spiritual listening experience. With the summer festival season in full swing, this track is set to be a hit on beaches, festival stages, and club dance floors worldwide.

Sam Blacky, known for pushing the boundaries of dance music, shared her excitement about the collaboration. “When the opportunity came up to work with Niniola, one of the most iconic singers in Afro-house, it was an easy decision. Her voice and storytelling bring a unique message and meaning to the music,” she said.

Niniola, a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene, has a remarkable track record. Her debut single “Ibadi” and the hit “Maradona” both received extensive airplay and chart success. “Maradona” even earned her a Grammy nomination and was featured on Beyoncé’s “The Lion King: The Gift” album.

Sam Blacky has made a name for herself in the music industry with her unique blend of Afro-house, Latin house, and other genres. Since her first EP release in 2021, she has performed at premier electronic music festivals and clubs around the world. Her standout remix of “Gaslight” by Grammy-nominated artist Inji went viral, further establishing her presence in the global music scene.

The release of “Ronaldinho” adds to Sam Blacky’s impressive discography. She continues to connect with global audiences and earn recognition, including a spot on the 1001 Tracklists’ “Future of Dance” producer list for two consecutive years.

With “Ronaldinho,” Sam Blacky and Niniola have created a track that is sure to resonate with audiences worldwide. As summer heats up, this single is set to make people dance!

Listen to “Ronaldinho” below!


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