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Brooklyn-based songwriter Sam Rappaport has released his debut single “Till the Morning Comes”. This track starts from an intimate and emotive piano-driven ballad, reminding style of Norah Jones and Randy Newman styles, to soars into the second chorus thanks to ethereal synths and the twang of a lap steel.


Melancholic and hopeful, Rappaport’s vocals float delicately above the instruments, drawing on elements of jazz and pop to underpin a poignant story. “Till the Morning Comes” is a song that emerges from the stillness of the night, yearning for a way to protect against the uncertainty of tomorrow, echoing our collective feelings of isolation and doubt that we face during the pandemic.


Sam Rappaport grew in San Fernando Valley where he learned on the piano from his childhood home to sketch out the melodies of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Elton John. He initially thought his path was a career in the NBA until a clarifying stint as a shooting guard on the Vassar College Men’s Basketball team, that made him realized he was meant to turn his aspirations toward his first love: music.


Sam cut his teeth as a keyboardist in Chicago, playing for two years with R&B singer Brandon James at venues across the city.However, Sam began to formally evolve as a songwriter in Brooklyn open mics, house parties, and comedy shows, ranging from folk, rock, and soul to craft intimate, understated arrangements. Sam is currently working on new, original material. He also makes up one quarter of the indie-rock band Gooseberry.


Listen to “Till the Morning Comes” below:




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