SamTRax Continues To Make Waves With Latest Single ‘Valdosta’

SamTRax, a Haitian American musician and producer, has landed on our radar with his latest single, “Valdosta,” which has already made a significant impact by reaching #1 on the iTunes chart. Known for his unique sound and exceptional talent, SamTRax is rapidly gaining recognition in the music industry.

With an impressive list of collaborations that includes artists such as Erykah Badu, SiR, Brent Faiyez, Bibi Bourelly, Ashanti, and Anthony Hamilton, SamTRax has firmly established himself as a formidable force in music. His recent accomplishments underscore his significant influence and versatility.

In addition to producing SiR’s hit single “Nothing Even Matters,” he also serves as the music consultant for the ALLBLK network’s acclaimed series “Send Help” by Jean Elie.

“Valdosta” is a testament to SamTRax’s ability to blend diverse musical elements into cohesive, unforgettable tracks. The song’s success on the iTunes chart highlights his growing influence and the quality of his work.

Beyond his achievements as a producer and musician, SamTRax is the visionary founder of the indie label forever97. This platform empowers emerging artists to explore and expand their creative expression, offering them the support and resources necessary to thrive in the competitive music industry.

Additionally, he co-founded 1997 DaBand with his friend and mentee Andrew Dorilas, a collective of musicians who have played for artists such as Eric B. Turner, Hamzaa, and SamTRax himself.

Born and raised in New York, SamTRax has developed a unique sound that draws from his diverse cultural background and experiences. His work is characterized by a blend of ambient, new age, and experimental electronic music, which has garnered him a dedicated following and critical acclaim.

SamTRax’s ability to craft hits that resonate with a wide audience makes him a sought-after producer in the industry. His recent single, “Valdosta,” exemplifies his knack for creating tracks that captivate listeners and dominate charts. The song’s production, led by Ketta (known for collaborations with WurlD and Isabèl Usher), showcases SamTRax’s versatility and skill in merging different musical elements to create a cohesive sound.

As SamTRax continues to innovate and push the boundaries of music production, he remains committed to fostering new talent through his indie label and collective. His contributions to the music industry extend beyond his own work, as he provides a platform for emerging artists to thrive and express their creativity.

Listen to “Valdosta” below and stay tuned for more from this rising star in the music industry.


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