School – SoLong | Music Video


Swedish band School are releasing their new single “SoLong” in the UK through Gothenburg label Luxury Records on the 1st of September. The Gothenburg-bred band are composed of four members – Per Svensson, Alice Botéus, Felix Andersson and Efraim Kent, and “SoLong” is their debut UK single release. As the latest band to emerge from a city that birthed both Little Dragon and The Knife, School offer an exciting and eclectic cut of jangling dream-pop that stands out in a city well known for electronic innovation.


Despite only being an entity since last autumn, the 4-piece wrote and recorded “SoLong” in just seven days, with the track winning widespread acclaim from Swedish national press and radio, upon its release over there. When I first heard “SoLong”, the rhythm of the beat stoke my attention. After few researches, I came to the conclusion that the drum and rhythm patterns remind me of ones used during the 50’s and 60’s, especially “Rockin’ T” by Johnny and the Hurricanes, and Chubby Checker’s “Let’s Twist Again“.




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