Seattle Musician Al Holbrook Unveils New Single ‘All The Stars’

Seattle-based musician Al Holbrook has released a brand new single, “All The Stars,” which is available on all major music platforms. With its fusion of psychedelic and funk sounds, “All The Stars” takes listeners on a sonic trip that’s entirely unique. The song expertly blends harmonic sounds with gentle funk vibes and soulful hooks, creating a delicately powerful moment that’s guaranteed to move listeners’ hearts and minds.

The new single, which is the first glimpse of Holbrook’s upcoming full-length album “Cirque Of Awe,” showcases the artist’s uniquely spiritual approach to music. “All The Stars” is the perfect embodiment of Holbrook’s style, featuring radiant authenticity, sensational rhythm, vivid imagery, and vibrant musicianship that creates an innate connection to genuinely exploratory music that people can truly feel.

Holbrook is a versatile musician with an unmistakable voice and the ability to weave a golden song from a piece of commonplace wheat. He is a compelling, believable storyteller, and his music has the ability to affect listeners on a scientific, cellular level. With fluency in jazz, rag, rock, blues, and old-time music, Holbrook is a true artist who can rock listeners to sleep or rock them like a green New Orleans Hurricane drink.

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Holbrook has played prestigious stages in Los Angeles and filled South Seattle saloons with his sound. He has also performed on giant ships all over the world, entertaining audiences with his unique brand of music. American Songwriter Magazine has called him the “international musician of mystery,” and his gravel scratch voice is like the sound of a family member coming home.

Holbrook’s return to the scene with “All The Stars” nearly a year and a half after his previous release has yielded what can only be described as his most sincerely awe-inspiring material. The single is massively enticing, purely enchanting, and undeniably entertaining from start to finish.

Join Al Holbrook in 2023 as he heads towards the most pivotal and groundbreaking record of his career to date, sharing the most intimate secrets of the universe through exciting new music that you absolutely do not want to miss out on.

Listen to “All The Stars” below!


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