See How Scary Boarding Schools Can Be In ‘Down A Dark Hall’ | Film Trailer


Boarding School is normally nothing scary, at the worst it is horribly boring. The Blackwood Boarding School is a little bit different in that sense. The upcoming supernatural thriller Down A Dark Hall is based on Lois Duncan’s young adult novel of the same name. Now the first trailer was released by Lionsgate and it really gives the viewer the chills.


The film follows Kit, a difficult young girl who gets sent to Blackwood Boarding School. She soon learns that she is alone with four other girls with similar backgrounds and the adults, one of them being the headmistress Madame Duret who is played by Uma Thurman. While exploring the building they soon learn that the paranormal has also found a home in Blackwood Manor.



Next to Uma Thurman, Anna Sophie Robb plays the lead as Kit. They are accompanied by Victoria Moroles, Isabelle Fuhrman, Noah Silver, Taylor Russell, and Rosie Day. The film will hit the theaters on August 17.



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