See Why Manners Maketh Man In The First Trailer For ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ | Film Trailer


It’s been three years since the huge success of Kingsman: The Secret Service, but the anticipation for its sequel hasn’t been lessened by the wait in the slightest! 20th Century Fox debuted the first official trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle on its official YouTube channel and the hour-old video has already garnered an impressive 100,000 views!


The 2 minute clip opens with Colin Firth reminding viewers that he saw the makings of a Kingsman in Eggsy. We see Taron Egerton‘s humble beginnings, as the unpolished and curious Eggsy, and Eggsy as the classy agent he is now, before the prestige of the intelligence agency is shaken by a missile attack.


The film’s predecessor had received high praise for its stylized action sequences and the trailer promises there’s more of where that came from, with hints of equally as intense action scenes playing in slow motion over a slow tune.


The return of Taron Egerton and Mark Strong was obvious, but they are joined by Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges, who make their debut to the Kingsman universe through the trailer.


Of course, nothing takes the cake quite like Colin Firth’s appearance in the trailer, since his character had been killed in the 2014 original film. Harry Hart seems alive and well, if him casually shaving (unbothered by the new eye patch!) while Eggsy and Merlin watch in shock is anything to trust.


Matthew Vaughn will return as director and has co-written the script with Jane Goldman. He will also serve as a producer, alongside Adam Bohling and David Reid. We’ve still got nearly half a year before Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theatres September 29, so stay tuned for further details and more trailers!




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