Serbian Producer Scasca Releases New Single ‘Glue’ Featuring Talipes Valgus

Belgrade-based electronic music producer Scasca, in collaboration with enigmatic vocalist Talipes Valgus, has launched their new single, “Glue”.

This track sees Scasca expand his musical range, moving beyond his signature genre-bending downtempo to incorporate more elements of songwriting.

In “Glue”, Scasca’s fast-paced breakbeats interweave with Talipes Valgus’ ethereal vocals to create a harmonious composition that hints at influences from Joy Orbison’s futuristic electronics and Grouper’s hazy dream-pop.

The song’s lyrical content delves into the complex realm of unhealthy relationships, encapsulating the torment of first love. Talipes Valgus poignantly expresses these emotions, stating, “When everything is eternal – everything is fatal.”

This narrative is a reflection on youthful obsession and idealism, escalating to the repeated word “Disappear” before reaching a resounding finale.

Scasca, whose name derives from the Russian word for a fairy tale, initially began his musical journey composing music for commercials.

He started his career as an electronic music artist in 2020 and has since released two atmospheric downtempo singles, which have been featured on multiple music blogs and editorial playlists.

Scasca’s first single, “Long Distance Call”, released in 2020, offers a mesmerizing blend of cinematic post-dubstep and lo-fi dreaminess.

This track was quickly acknowledged and praised by popular music platforms such as, Le Visiteur Online, The Sound Sniffer, and even secured a spot on Apple Music’s Headspace playlist.

In 2021, Scasca unveiled his second single, “Migrations”, which has accumulated over 500,000 streams on Spotify and has been lauded by music critics and blogs like This Song Is Sick and Stereofox. “Migrations” showcases the producer’s skill in creating tranquil and profound breakbeat-influenced downtempo music.

A year after the release of “Migrations”, Scasca relocated from his native St. Petersburg to Belgrade. Here, he decided to share his recorded music and work on new material.

With his unique combination of minimalist breakbeat approach and fairy tale-inspired storytelling, Scasca is set to enchant the world of electronic music in the coming years.

Listen to “Glue” featuring Talipes Valgus below!


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