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If you thought that the New York queer scene was all about the hip hop exuberance of the likes of Zebra Katz and Le1f, serpentwithfeet is here to prove you wrong. The New York-based artist, AKA Josiah Wise, emerged last month with the incredible singles “blisters” and “flickering”, both produced by The Haxan Cloak (Björk, HEALTH), and he’s now ready to share another track from his debut EP, blisters, due out next month.


“four ethers” is a track which seems to draw its premises from opera rather than from the pop repertoire: strings and a tender oboe create a tense and dramatic atmosphere accompanying Wise’s incredible voice, which escalates more than once into vocal crescendos that feel so powerfully detached from the obscure, march-alike instrumental. Remaining unmoved by such a vortex of emotions is a hard job.


Listen to the single below.




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