Sharky Major + Mercston + Hitman Hyper + King Rah – Hold It Down (Remix) | Music Video

Sharky Major 03.07.2016ANDREW


There is a brand new video from rapper, Sharky Major, for the remix of his single, “Hold It Down”, featuring Mercston, Hitman Hyper and King Rah. Production is provided by Biggaman.


It appears to start with some chopped up house music samples, going on with what can only be described as deep space bass. The track is really aggressive, a posse cut with everyone barking down the microphone.


The clip, visualised by Frost, seems to take place in a warehouse, with scantily clad ladies and testosterone running wild. Drinking, smoking and rapping just about sums up the proceedings. The lighting creates shadows, and a mood that both suits audio and video.




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