Sheffield Songstress Lavelle Unveils Bold New Anthem For Authentic Love ‘Honest’

Sheffield’s very own singer-songwriter Lavelle is making waves with her latest single “Honest,” a track that delves deep into the complexities of love and relationships with a refreshing openness and vulnerability.

Breaking away from clichéd narratives, “Honest” emerges as a heartfelt appeal for authenticity in romantic connections, underscored by its soulful 90s R&B essence that resonates with the listener’s core.

Lavelle, whose music is an eclectic mix of sass, soul, and sincerity, draws inspiration from music greats like TLC, Aaliyah, and Jasmine Sullivan. Her unique blend of retro vibes and modern soundscapes has not only garnered her critical acclaim but also positioned her as a formidable force in the industry.

Since her standout appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, Lavelle’s career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable, boasting achievements such as sync placements with leading broadcasters like the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4, and captivating performances that have placed her in the spotlight.

Her recent performance at the 2024 MOBO Awards, coupled with features on ITV News and topping the R&B/Soul charts, highlights Lavelle’s burgeoning career and her potential for mainstream success. The track “Honest” has received special recognition by being named track of the week by BBC 1 Xtra, further cementing Lavelle’s status as a rising star in the music scene.

Lavelle’s journey from a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent to a sought-after artist with sync placements across major networks and social media platforms exemplifies her versatility and appeal.

As she sets her sights on dominating the urban R&B/pop landscape, Lavelle’s commitment to crafting music that speaks to the heart ensures that her path to chart domination is not just a possibility but an inevitability.

With “Honest,” Lavelle invites listeners into a musically enriched narrative that champions truth and emotional depth, marking another milestone in her flourishing career. As she continues to challenge musical norms and connect with fans across the globe, Lavelle’s dedication to her craft promises to redefine the boundaries of contemporary music.

Listen to “Honest” below!


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