Shimizu And Lyriya Merge R&B With Garage On New Track ‘Far’

Dive into Shimizu and Lyriya‘s sonic universe with their latest single “Far” a captivating fusion of garage vibes and R&B melodies that promises to captivate your senses in 2024.

“Far” transports listeners to a bygone era while firmly anchoring them in the present. Influences from the 90s blend with contemporary electronic beats to create an auditory experience that is both nostalgic and cutting-edge.

The fast breakbeat rhythms harmonize seamlessly with deep melodies, offering an ambiance that is both danceable and melancholic. Lyriya’s enchanting vocals add an extra layer of emotional depth, creating a captivating sonic tapestry that invites reflection while moving bodies on the dance floor.

Shimizu, the project of Brazilian producer and multi-instrumentalist Rafa Mura, was born out of his passion for both analog and electronic music. After moving to Berlin to pursue studies in computer science, Rafa quickly immersed himself in the city’s music scene, collaborating with local artists such as Aka Kelzz, Rosa Landers, Ish, and many others.

Inspired by his Brazilian roots and musical training, he creates a unique sound that skillfully blends elements from various musical genres.

Lyriya, on the other hand, is a rising voice in Berlin’s R&B scene. Of Afro-German descent, she draws inspiration from neo-soul icons such as Jill Scott and Erykah Badu while bringing her own contemporary twist. Her smooth vocal tone and ability to weave emotional narratives through her music make her an artist to watch closely.

“Far” is Shimizu’s third single under the Berlin-based label Lekker Collective, and it’s already poised to make waves on streaming platforms and dance floors worldwide. With its unique blend of retro sounds and futuristic beats, this collaboration between Shimizu and Lyriya is set to leave a lasting impression and further expand their fan base.

Listen to “Far” below!


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