SIIGHTS – At Christmas | Music Video



SIIGHTS are a pop duo made up of Dubliner, Mia Fitz, and Glaswegian, Toni Etherson. The two began their journey together, knuckling down in a house studio in L.A, writing music for other artists. Now they write their own music. They broke out with funky track, “Dance”, but have now put their heads together for a poignant Christmas track.


“At Christmas” has a tinkling, tragic piano that shimmers like the glint in falling snow. It encapsulates both the feelings of the festive season and the ice cold bitterness of winter nights. However sad, the track is a celebration of those who have passed on. The minimal piano, with vocal refrain towards the end, builds beautifully before ending sedate.


The video, by Mark David Acoba, begins focusing on the innards of the piano, the one of which the duo are sat down at. Not your typical Christmas song, that it is deeper than what is on the surface? Although primarily face to camera on the duo, it also cleverly seeks their reflection on the piano’s lid, ending with a shot upon a funereal Christmas holly. A wreath?




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