Simona Shao Explores Love And Vulnerability In Poignant New Single ‘Vacant’

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Simona Shao, a rising talent in the music industry, has released her latest single, “Vacant,” a deeply emotive track that explores the complexities of love and vulnerability. This song, characterized by Shao’s captivating vocals and a minimalist production approach, delves into the delicate emotions that surface at the onset of falling in love, amidst the awareness of potential heartbreak.

Describing “Vacant,” Shao paints a picture of the song as an intimate portrayal of the initial, often precarious stages of love. It’s a piece that reflects the balance between the joy of a new connection and the fear of possible pain. She aims to create an ethereal ambiance with this track, inviting listeners to lose themselves in a moment of introspective tranquility, as if lying under the stars.

Shao, a Los Angeles native and classically trained pianist since the age of four, brings a unique depth to her music. Her journey in music has been marked by significant achievements, including a bronze trophy at the 2012 International Beijing Water Cube Competition and first place in ICN Network’s ‘American Stars’ Singing Competition. In 2015, she was a Pasadena Tournament of Roses Royal Court Princess and was invited to participate in The Voice of China.

“Vacant” represents a new direction for Shao, venturing into the alternative-pop genre, a shift from her earlier electronic collaborations. This change signifies her versatility as an artist and her ability to adapt and explore different musical landscapes.

After a year filled with successful electronic music collaborations, Shao is excited to share “Vacant” with her audience and looks forward to a year brimming with more musical offerings. Her background as a studio musician and songwriter, having worked with industry giants like Dillon Francis and John Feldmann, adds to the anticipation of her future projects.

Now available on all major streaming platforms, “Vacant” is an experience—a testament to Simona Shao’s growing prowess as a songwriter and artist. Her ability to weave intricate emotional narratives into her music positions her as a compelling voice in the modern music scene.

Listen to “Vacant” below!


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