Sister Helen Announce Farewell Self-Titled Concept Album | Music News



Brooklyn-based prog-punk-rockers, Sister Helen, have just released their latest single, “Kaross Music”, off of their forthcoming final, self-titled concept album, due out digitally Friday, January 13. They formed in 2003 with Eva Lawitts (bass/vocals), Clint Mobley (drums), Nathan J. Campbell (lead vocals) and Chris Krasnow (guitar/vocals).


Touring the country on self-booked tours in recent years, the band hit a collective breaking point, having pushed each other to the brink. “It’s a concept album about friendship and helplessness,” explains Lawitts about the farewell effort, perhaps rather aptly. Look out for a farewell show planned for Monday, January 9 at Shea Stadium. “Kaross Music” is below:




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