Six Movies To Follow ‘Power Rangers’? | Film News


Power Rangers raked in a whopping $3.6 million at Thursday’s previews and is expected to open with another $35 million this weekend.


Power Rangers is the next in an increasingly long line of recent films attempting to remake and/or reboot old franchises. It follows Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, which was released 20 years earlier, and is the third theatrical motion picture in the franchise.


With the current commercial success seen by Power Rangers, director, Dean Israelite, and Lionsgate have plenty of reason to expand the reboot into an entire series of live-action movies. Both Lionsgate CEO, Jon Feltheimer, and Power Rangers co-creator and producer, Haim Saban, have revealed that plans for “a six-movie story arc” were being discussed.


Saban revealed that, provided that the box office numbers guaranteed stability in the future of the franchise (which they had!), the discussions for the follow-up installment would commence the next day.


The cast of the film also appears hopeful about the future of the Power Rangers, despite the intimidating task of going up against Disney’s Beauty And The Beast.


I would love to think there will be more films. I guess we’re going to see how we do at the box office and play it from there. But I think everybody else is definitely treating this as an origins film, the first of a few,” shared Dacre Montgomery, who played Jason (Red Ranger) in the film.



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