Slaves Tricked Into Booking Fake Gig At Dismaland | Music News



The full wrath of Banksy’s portrayal of dreariness has now been felt, after it came to light that Slaves’ invite gig to play the venue on the 25th of September was actually a hoax. The two piece punk band from Tunbridge Wells announced earlier on their Facebook page: “We will not be playing at Dismaland on the 25th September. Some silly sausage pretending to be the organiser invited us to play a gig there and we naturally obliged. Turns out it wasn’t genuine. Got done, good and proper”.


However, despite Dismaland being shrouded by an aura of gloom, where the attendants encourage a ‘no smiling’ policy around the park, Slaves have fought back against the cynicism (as they would) and announced they will play a venue nearby on the same date – recuperating the smiles that had been stripped away.



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