Snoop Dogg + Charlie Wilson – So Many Pros | Music Video


The always funky union of Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams started their journey with first single “Peaches And Cream”, now with the release of Snoop Dogg’s second single from the new Bush album titled “So Many Pros”, this is a reunion that is keen to continue their working relationship, going as far back as Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s “Beautiful”. The new song brings a fresher sound of the 70’s funk bass lines, funkdafied catchy hooks with that Snoop lean, Charlie Wilson also brings classic but slick vocals that takes you back, Snoop Dogg’s vocals are still sharp and energetic, the veteran still has juice and is calmly still able to set the party vibe, this song is Snoop and Pharrell chilling on a sun lounger with a cocktail passing joints at the cook out with Charlie Wilson on the barbecue.


However, I feel have heard this sound before, and honestly I’m waiting for the Doggfather to emerge on a single I can feel dope to, and know what the down low is in his new neighbourhood. Never the less, the trio can’t lose with their familiar recipe that sells, this is only the second single and there is still time to be versatile, let’s face it, Hip Hop has deep roots in funk, and with Pharrell keeping it fresh, its sure to dominate over the Summer months whether you’re cruising in your car, at that barbecue or in the club, at some point “you will dance“. I’m just waiting for those dope beats to keep me interested but I cant say no to some funk. Pre-order Snoop Dogg’s forthcoming Bush album here, and watch the video for “So Many Pros” below.




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