Snoop Dogg Labels Arnold Schwarzenegger A ‘Racist Piece Of S**t’ | Music News

snoop dogg


Beloved rap personality Snoop Dogg has uploaded an Instagram video in which he lashes out at Arnold Schwarzenegger, calling the former actor “racist”. The furious tirade comes after the California governor released Esteban Nunez from prison after serving only 6 years of a 16 year sentence.


Snoop accused Schwarzenegger of favouritism, asking how this decision was justifiable after the governor refused to grant clemency to Snoop’s friend and former Crip member, Stanley “Tookie” Williams, who was executed in 2005.


The rapper wasn’t shy with his feelings on the matter: “I can’t stand you, you’s one motherf**king racist piece of s**t” he said, amongst other things. Watch the whole video below:



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