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sofi tukker


It seems that duos and Apple are a pretty successful combo: after having helped British group The Ting Tings in achieving international success, it is now time for New York-based couple SOFI TUKKER. The duo formed by Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern released their first single “Drinkee” in May 2015: it was received by unanimous critical acclaim and ended up being featured on an Apple Watch advert.


Consequently, the single experienced massive success in Spanish-speaking countries and Italy, where it has been certified Gold. The band further explored their signature sound – a mix of hypnotic rhythms which draw from South America and Afrobeat – in the following singles “Matadora” and “Hey Lion”.


However, their latest single “Déjà Vu Affair” features an abrupt change of style: left behind the Argentinian atmospheres, the band proposed a sultry Highlife-style guitar-led track accompanied by an obsessive and infectious beat, which, despite different, is definitely not less catchy than the previous efforts.


Listen to the track below and watch out for them in 2017!




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