Soundcrash Presents DJ Kentaro Live @ Rich Mix – Friday, June 27 | Events


I am extremely hyped to inform you that the man known all over the world as a sound creator and a turn table genius, Japan’s DJ Kentaro will be performing live on the 27th of June at Rich Mix. That’s right Soundcrash present a night of unforgettable skill, with a live show from the man who fought his way into the global musical minds by shattering contestants at the DMC 2002 and becoming the first ever Asian champion of the world. Supporting DJ Kentaro on the night will be the 2013 World DMC Champion JON Furst and 2-time Solid Steel Mix of The Year winner DJ IRK, so you truly are in for a ridiculous night of turn tabling madness.


DJ Kentaro is a unique and unstoppable force with his undeniable technical ability, and the way he mixes Hip-Hop, breaks, and Drum ‘n’ Bass to create his stand alone sound which separates him from any other DJ. He uses his awesome skills to move beyond the norm and he has exploded drum ‘n’ bass and dance music into a completely new level that no other has yet to compete with. However DJ Kentaro is not just a one trick pony, not only does he wow crowds with his captivating turn tabling skills, but he also hypnotises fans with every performance, this man is a real showman and he teases fans with every ounce of skill he possesses.


Kentaro’s last Soundcrash show was utterly mind blowing, he dropped beats from hip-hop, reggae, drumn’ bass, house, electro, jungle, to rock, the Ninja Tune legend perfectly played with track after track, dropping in vocals, slyly toying with drum ‘n’ bass beats and titillating with tempos, to create tracks that were re-worked and re-designed into these beautiful new genres! If this man could create cures as well as he creates music, the world would be a better place! DJ Kentaro truly is a musical genius and a turn tabling wizard and you better get yourself a ticket or you will miss a night of true magic. DO NOT WASTE TIME THINKING, get yourself a ticket here



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