South London Artist And Musician Eli Releases New Single ‘Too Much’

South London singer, songwriter, and musician Eli has released a new single titled “Too Much”.

Eli’s music bears a significant cultural weight that complements her sound carefully. Growing up in a West African family in the Greater London area has aided in the development of the rising musicians sound. She is an alternative musician that creates her unique sound by combining airy harmonic vocals, melodic guitar riffs, and syncopated beats.

“Too Much” starts off with melancholic chords and stripped vocals, building slowly towards a dynamic drop that drives the track’s concept. Eli’s production chronicles the stages of her broken heart, reflecting on the agony of heartbreak and the grief of lost love.

Speaking about “Too Much”, Eli says, “Too Much conveys the sense of being caught off guard and having to go through other processes and revisit each memory again and over in order to heal and come to terms with yourself. I used the intensity I was feeling at the time to create music that tells a tale. You never know what you’re going to feel next, whether it’s confused, excited, or wrecked. This unpredictability is reflected in “Too Much”.

Following her last two tracks “Lover” and “Revelation”, “Too Much” arrives as Eli’s third self-produced offering. It also comes visually stunning graphics that convey the same imaginative intensity as the music.

Listen to “Too Much” below:


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