Southern – Where I Want To Be | Music Video


Southern aka Belfast-born, Liverpool-based brother and sister band Thom and Lucy Southern have unveiled the brand new music video for their new single “Where I Want To Be”, which is set for release on the 18th of August via Marathon Artists. Despite being brother and sister and having an undeniable familiar bond, this young duo bring their own individuality to the band, with two very different sounds and influences and together, this creates such a dynamic, eclectic and highly authentic young band.


The new single is fronted by Thom on lead vocals, and he says of the track, “‘Where I Want To Be’ was quite a random song when it came to writing it. It really came from nowhere with the simple bass line and the lyric “I’m where I want to be”. We like this track because it’s opening up more of our influences while still maintaining our bluesy roots sound. We’re really into hip hop beats so we thought it would be cool to mix that with rock n roll in a modern way. We like to surprise people with every release”.


The video for the song is very edgy and expressive and takes influences from the 90’s American punk era of which Thom and Lucy are very interested in, and the footage is shot in an abandoned retirement home which director Michael Holyk found to add extra rawness and creativity to the video. Check out the video right here.




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