Spector – Tenner | Music Video



Spector’s second album was a daring effort. Their visuals, too, have taken a similar bent. Spector were recently invited down to YouTube’s London studios, taking some of their fans along for an even more daring music video.


The song kicks in with swinging drums, with ringing, addictive and booming bass punctuating that rhythm. The vocals and guitar kick in, the bass and guitar eventually playing in unison. There are tasteful backing vocals, before the song swings in couple of directions, one featuring brooding keyboard and an assortment of strange sound effects.


Shooting in 360 technology, the resulting visuals are completely cutting edge. The effect is completely discombobulating and disorientating, appearing to show four corners of a room all at once. At one point, the singer goes out one side of the room, at the left, popping out at the opposite side of the screen, at the right. The whole thing is like a fisheye lens effect.




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