‘Spectre’ Was The Most-Complained-About Movie Last Year | Film News

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The latest installment of the James Bond franchise didn’t raise eyebrows like Skyfall did; however, it did raise concerns about its age rating. A gruesome eye-gouging scene helped make the feature the most complained film of last year. The offending scene shows a henchmen banging his victim’s head on a table before getting to work on his eyes (the scene where Blofeld inserts a micro-drill into Bond’s head also raised concerns).


The scene was toned down, but that did not stop people complaining about the film’s BBFC age rating. In its report, the BBFC’s defense was: “Given the lack of detail, and the audience expectation that Bond will inevitably escape and survive such threats, the scene is within the BBFC guidelines’ allowance for depictions of violence at 12A”.



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