Spider-Man Rumoured To Star In ‘The Avengers: Infinity War Part 1’ | Film News


The war of Marvel properties continues as a recent report in the Latino Review revealed that our Sony Pictures-owned friendly neighbourhood superhero Spider-Man was to feature within the gigantic Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe in the next Avengers movie, titled Infinity War Part 1. Originally it was planned that Spider-Man would be in the upcoming Captain America sequel Civil War, but because agreements couldn’t be reached before the script for the film was finished, it wasn’t logistically possible.


Further rumours made it seem possible that Spider-Man would then be seen fighting alongside Earth’s mightiest heroes, but a Sony Pictures rep has recently doused those flames with a statement saying it has ‘no validity whatsoever”. While Spider-Man may join the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point, it may not be in Infinity War, if we are to believe Sony’s denial.


These companies will never let go of their new favourite commodities, with Sony tightly gripping Spider-Man, Fox happily leading on with the X-Men and Disney/Marvel Studios leading the box office with all Avengers titles. Future plans for all franchises remain under wraps, with teasers and end credit scenes continuing to fuel our excitement.



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