‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Skipping Critics Awards To Keep Film Plot Secret | Film News



The end of the year is typically the time for a lot of major film studio releases to screen in time for certain critic associations to have a look and praise their films with awards, that won’t be the case for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Disney has decided it’s not going to bother screening the film for any critics groups such as the New York Film Critics Circle, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and the Screen Actors Guild, since keeping the plot of the film secret until release is more important than rewards.


It makes a lot of sense for Disney and Lucasfilm to do this since no amount of critical reviews are going to turn away or embrace audience numbers, it’s Star Wars, we know everyone even remotely knowledgeable of Star Wars existence will watch it. Even if The Force Awakens turns out to be some kind of cinematic zenith, people will not care what critics think or if it deserves to compete at the Oscars (or if the Academy Awards are relevant anymore).


It’s not confirmed if any Star Wars related spin-offs will follow this same trend nor if this was J.J. Abrams idea, whose films are famous for being marketed in a secretive way that hides what his film is really about. It would also be nice to know if critics can give their thoughts on the film at least on the day of the film’s release. We’ll see, when Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18.



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