Steinsdotter Releases Empowering Queer Pop Anthem ‘HoneyBee’

London-based artist Steinsdotter has launched her latest single, “HoneyBee,” blending queer pop, underground influences, and alternative dance beats. Released on June 21, 2024, the track celebrates self-acceptance and natural power, drawing inspiration from the harmony found within a beehive.

“HoneyBee” captures a steamy and playful essence, reflecting Steinsdotter’s fascination with bees and honey as symbols of healing. Collaborating with longtime friend and producer Agon Branza, Steinsdotter envisioned a track that embodies the warmth and energy of summer, marked by a sassy mood and the buzzing of worker bees.

Fans of Sega Bodega, Lykke Li, and Tove Lo will find resonances in “HoneyBee,” which seamlessly merges a dark, atmospheric vibe with hard-hitting beats. Steinsdotter’s connection to the worker bee’s relentless dedication to a greater cause mirrors her belief in the power of community and purpose in human life.

I hope listeners find their inner sass and join me on the dance floor this summer,” Steinsdotter shared about “HoneyBee”, “Imagine naked skin and honey drizzles—it’s sticky but irresistibly tempting.”

2024 marks a significant year for Steinsdotter, with “HoneyBee” set to amplify her presence in the music scene. The single, available on all major streaming platforms, invites audiences to embark on Steinsdotter’s avant-garde musical journey influenced by her Nordic heritage and diverse musical inspirations.

Steinsdotter continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, blending electronic elements with ethereal melodies to create a captivating and transcendent sound. Through “HoneyBee,” she invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging them to embrace curiosity, compassion, and playfulness this summer.

Listen to “HoneyBee” below!

Photo Credit: Mike Horta


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