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It’s the celebrity beef of the year that you probably didn’t see coming: in an interview with BBC’s Newsbeat, Stephen Fry described Little Mix’s “Love Me Like You” as “horrible,” “hideous,” and “toxic.” He went on to dismiss the song as “the musical equivalent of Haribo Starmix” – which I think means that he’s definitely not a fan of the former X Factor winners. Don’t sugar-coat it Stephen, tell us how you really feel!


Justin Bieber fared a little better with the QI quizmaster, with Fry commenting on the singer’s “dreary, moany” tone, before adding that Bieber had a better voice than he expected.


Perhaps most surprisingly of all, though, was that Fry declared himself a fan of Slaves, saying he liked their guitar-playing. So you may well see Fry moshing away at a Slaves gig near you soon.


#Peace.Love.Stephen Fry

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