Steven Tyler To Release ‘Love Is Your Name’ Video On Friday | Music News


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is to release the video for his single “Love Is Your Name” on Friday, the 3rd of July. The single is already available for download now and is the singer’s first country song. Tyler recently said, when speaking to USA Today, that he won’t get a chance to complete his solo album until after the Aerosmith tour finishes. They started a two month tour on the 13th of June. Tyler stated, “I’ve got to find time to come back and record these songs after the Aerosmith tour, but I flit from flower to flower, country to country, looking for good times and singing about the last time. That’s what I’m putting into the country songs“.


The single was recorded in Nashville and about the origins of the song, Tyler said in a statement that, “the first day in the studio I recorded a song that became my first single, and if ‘Love is Your Name’ then Nashville’s my new girlfriend. I guess you could call that Beginner’s Luck“. Listen to “Love Is Your Name” below.




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