Stevie Nicks On ’24 Karat Gold’ And Going Back To Fleetwood Mac | Music News

Image: Stevie Nicks


Stevie Nicks recently announced a 24 Karat Gold Tour with The Pretenders starting in October. Although it was a long way to get to this point:


“I’ve gotten into the habit of not going to sleep until somewhere between five and seven, and when I’m not working I can sleep until four [pm],” she revealed. “I wish I had worked harder on it because now it’s gonna be harder for me to, but I’ll figure it out because I always do”.


Dave Stewart produced the album with her in Nashville over two and a half months. Nicks finished recording 24 Karat Gold just before McVie’s return.


“My solo career is truly the reason why Fleetwood Mac is still together because I get bored easily,” she explained. “That’s why every time I go to work on my solo career, I try to make it as different from Fleetwood Mac as I possibly can so that it really is two worlds. When I feel ready to go back to Fleetwood Mac when we do our next tour in a year and half, I’ll be ready to go back to Fleetwood Mac, and it’ll be good”.



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