‘Suicide Squad’ Director Describes Jared Leto’s Joker As ‘Majestic’ | Film News


When news broke that Jared Leto was to play The Joker in David Ayer‘s up and coming Suicide Squad flick, fans were split as to how to feel about the news. Many find it difficult to envision anybody else other than the late, great Heath Ledger, who donned the make-up in Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight, while others saw Leto as a perfect fit to relaunch the character. Either way, Leto was confirmed for the job and now Ayer has spoken out about what we might expect from this famous super villain.


Ayer was recently asked on Twitter to describe Leto’s Joker with just one word, he replied “Majestic #skwad”. This comes as such an intriguing surprise as ‘majestic’ is not exactly how I imagine The Joker to act like. Crazy, manic, psychotic and insane-maybe, but not majestic. With Leto recently discussing his role with various different sources, I’m actually pretty pleased about the casting and have high hopes for him as The Joker. I thinl perhaps what’s scarier than a crazed Joker would be a seriously serene yet utterly insane one! Here’s hoping. Suicide Squad is set for a August 5, 2015 release.


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