Sundara Karma – Run Away | Music Video



Once described as being “more refreshing than sunshine“, Sundara Karma beam down on us once again with another fantastic Indie anthem “Run Away”. Aspiring to the legendary Bruce Springsteen, their musically unique and creative ideas reflect on the dark topics of today including death and sacrifice, indicating these Indie-rockers are a lot more profound than other fun indie-poppers about.


And just like the man born in the U.S.A they deliver a catchy and powerful refrain, which swifts you off your feet following a brooding verse. You’ll be chanting the fantastic lines “Push me aside and tell me I’m wonderful / Push me aside and tell me I’m miserable” in your sleep after giving this one a listen. As Clash once notably said “Sundara Karma arrive with choruses built for arenas”. Albeit not the official video, the visuals that come with this latest track include the band galavanting about on their tour. “Run Away” will appear on their upcoming EPII.



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