Swedish Filipino Artist Nao Mali Unveils New Single ‘Pretty/Ugly’

Following the release of their highly-acclaimed debut EP EURASIA near the end of last year, Swedish queer Gen Z artist Nao Mali now returns for 2023 with the first offering from their forthcoming EP SCANDAL titled “Pretty/Ugly“.

In contrast to their latest collection, “Pretty/Ugly” feels like a bold and adventurous step forward within their aesthetic. In the new year, they are returning with one of their most distinguished and impactful offerings to date with its dark and enigmatic production infused with harsh electronics and pulsing vocals.

The track celebrates the weirdness and imperfections that make us human. Nao Mali encourages everyone to embrace their inner freak flag, flipping the beauty standard script and becoming “fugly chic“.

Speaking about the new offering, they said, “The song is about embracing the ‘flaws’ and feeling pretty, even though beauty norms are telling us otherwise. In my case, sometimes I feel like a 10/10 and sometimes -10/10 and that’s just how it is. What is pretty? And what is ugly? Who gets to be the judge of that? Yeah you!

Nao Mali was born in Wisconsin but raised in northern Sweden. Currently based in Stockholm, their artistry combines music, fashion, and drag culture. Nao Mali quickly rose to prominence on Stockholm’s queer club scene after releasing their debut EP EURASIA in December of 2022.

In the spring and summer, Nao Mali will tour Sweden, support new superstar Daniela Rathana at Lollapalooza and play double shows at Oslo’s prestigious Larm festival. We can’t wait to see what they will release next and what they will offer on stage.

Listen to “Pretty/Ugly” below:


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