Sweet Baboo – Walking In The Rain | Music Video

Walking In The Rain


Sweet Baboo – real name, Stephen Black – released the music video for his song “Walking In The Rain” (from latest release, The Boombox Ballads) on September 7. It almost immediately reminded me of a musical number that would be played before or during a children’s TV show. The outside world and its inhabitants are drawn/painted, and Baboo sings a simple, romantic tune about walking in the rain with someone else.


This fantastical world is one where a seal can play the tambourine, mermaids exist, and a tornado lifting your house from the ground is no big deal! The video is pretty cute and full of the innocence that doesn’t usually make an appearance outside of CBeebies. It was filmed and animated by Leo and Natasha Nicholson, and you can watch it below.




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