Swiss Singer-Songwriter Ay Wing Releases Latest Single ‘Trippin’

Swiss-born artist Ay Wing is back with her latest single “Trippin“, a Neo-Soul track filled with jazzy synths, mellow hip-hop beats and enchanting vocals. The song is Ay Wing’s first single of 2022 and follows on from an array of releases from last year.

The sensual record encapsulates the love-drunk feeling one gets when in a new relationship, or in this case, the love-‘trip’ feeling one gets. As you sway to the glittery beats and 80s-style synths, you too feel as if you are “formlessly floating” and “lost in the moment”, lyrics sung by Ay Wing in the dreamy chorus.

The hallucinatory vibe of “Trippin” is captured in the psychedelic artwork for the new single. Created by artist Trippie Steff, the bright orange cover portrays a cartoon of a closed-eyed Ay Wing, who has bright yellow, pink, and blue swirls spiralling out of her head and around her body.

Since Ay Wing’s first track in 2015, the singer-songwriter-producer has released over twenty songs, including two EPs, and five beautiful music videos.

She initially gained recognition after the success of her 2018 EP Ice Cream Dream, but it wasn’t until the release of her 2019 single “Orange Dreamer” that she became widely popular. The neo-soul track features American hip-hop artist Chuuwee and currently has 3.1 million Spotify streams.

Ay Wing has over 4 million streams on Spotify and almost 50,000 monthly listeners, so be sure to check her out. You can listen to her newest single “Trippin” below:


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