Sydney Punk Rock Musician Jovi Skyler Shares New Track ‘Nervosa’

Sydney-based punk rocker Jovi Skyler has brought a new vibrancy to the alternative rock scene with his recent release, “Nervosa”, a track that weaves nostalgia with a fresh, edgy sound.

Out now with an attention-grabbing music video edited by Skyler himself, “Nervosa” channels the robust energy of ’90s punk and grunge while incorporating a modern, psychedelic twist.

Jovi Skyler, whose music career has been defined by a genuine DIY ethic and an undeterred commitment to his craft, delves into the theme of control and perfectionism in “Nervosa”.

The track revives the laid-back vocal style reminiscent of artists like Iggy Pop and Sonic Youth, intertwined with a cleaner, potent guitar sound and a hook chorus that catches attention.

Through “Nervosa”, Skyler carries listeners back to the quintessential ’90s punk rock era, reminiscent of icons like Nirvana and Lou Reed, while also establishing his unique sound. The track melds the gritty, angsty feel of punk rock with the melodic allure of psych rock, creating a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

Skyler’s previous musical ventures, including his self-titled debut EP and his debut LP Nothing to Do, have showcased his dedication to exploring and depicting the world around him through his music. His DIY approach even extends into his psychedelic music videos, which have been noted for their creativity and ingenuity during Sydney’s lockdown periods.

Following a trajectory that led him from the Conservatorium of Music to performing original solo gigs throughout Europe, Skyler’s persistence and dedication to his craft are evident.

His music not only represents an exploration into varying sonic territories but also an inquisition into societal and personal dynamics. His songs and music videos, often exploring themes such as distractions, societal issues, and personal narratives, have garnered appreciation for their sincerity and authentic storytelling.

Skyler’s previous singles from “Nothing to Do” not only received substantial radio support across multiple countries but also secured spots on various music charts, including a No.1 position for “Never Wanted” on Punk Rock Demonstration and No.3 for “Got It Wrong” on Banks Radio Australia.

Skyler, identified as a “songwriting machine” by critics and fans, continues to develop his music, tackling poignant themes while maintaining a genuine and relatable approach.

“Nervosa” underscores Jovi Skyler’s capacity to blend the retrospective with the contemporary, crafting music that is as thought-provoking and sincere as it is audibly compelling.

With his detailed eye creating the visually artistic music video, Skyler ensures that “Nervosa” is not just heard but seen, providing a full-scope sensory experience that aligns with the punk-rock ethos: raw, untamed, and earnestly authentic.

Watch the music video for “Nervosa” below.


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