Sydney Rapper Bvle Releases Latest Track ‘Can’t Promise I’ll Wait’

Sydney-based rapper Bvle has released his latest single “Can’t Promise I’ll Wait”, a track which combines elements of hip-hop, soul, RnB, gospel and afro. Bvle uses his soulful voice to both rap and sing his lyrics over a hard-hitting beat.

Like many of Bvle’s previous tracks, “Can’t Promise I’ll Wait” explores themes of self-reflection, loneliness and passion. Through his intimate lyrics, Bvle questions the loyalty of his friends around him, and expresses his fear that many of them aren’t moving at the same pace as him.

The up-and-coming artist first began his music journey at church, where his father was the music director. His father’s passion for music was hugely influential on Bvle, who learnt to play musical instruments from a young age. Inspired by his father’s creativity, Bvle started his own musical journey and began writing and producing music of his own.

Bvle released his first single in 2018, and since then has released over ten tracks. Each song has a distinct style and display’s his artistic creativity and versatility as a rapper. Bvle has shown the ability to rap over slow melodies such as in “NDBY ELSE”, on a fast, bass-heavy beat like “All In”, or in a trap style like in “FGS”.

You can listen to Bvle’s latest track “Can’t Help I’ll Wait” on Spotify below:


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