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Jay-Z To Release New High End Champagne Costing $850 A Bottle | Music News

  Jay-Z and Armand de Brignac have been partners for almost three years, so now they have decided to bring out a new bottle of high end champagne, called “A2”, costing $90 dollars more than its predecessor, “A1”.   According to Bloomberg, the release date for “A2” is set to be April 18, with only 2,333 units being produced. The[…]

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Brendon Urie Promotes ‘Victorious’ In An Unusal Way | Music News

  What initially just looks like Brendon Urie pouring champagne over himself is in fact…Brendon Urie pouring champagne over himself, to promote Panic! At The Disco‘s new single, “Victorious”.  Urie is sporting nothing but a pair of boxers as champagne is shaken from the bottle over his head. It looks just like a YouTube video, which carries with it some[…]

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