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‘Suicide Squad’ Reveals Harley Quinn Tattoo Images and SXSW Message | Film News

  Various cast members of the highly anticipated Suicide Squad have taken to Twitter, posting that the film is “ready to leave it’s mark on SXSW”. This cryptic message, coupled with individual images of Margot Robbie‘s Quinn’s tattoos for each member of the Squad, leaves us wondering whether perhaps we could be seeing a pop-up tattoo parlour at the Film and Music festival[…]

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New ‘Suicide Squad’ Image Released | Film News

  It’s all going down in the DC Cinematic Universe. Just as the heat is turning up for Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, A new image has been released for David Ayer‘s highly anticipated Suicide Squad.   Focusing on a group of villains enlisted by government official Amanda Waller (Viola Davis)  to take down a mysterious adversary, the film[…]

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