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SZNS Are Bringing Girl Power To The Front With Their Empowering New Single ‘Behave’ | Music News

  If some people consider that women are supposed to be quiet and submissive, the SZNS girls never learned how to behave.   “Behave” is the third single from girl band SZNS, in which they challenge the female statusquo and celebrate female empowerment in a fresh new take on the classic 90’s girl group music blending with Latin-synth, and house-inspired[…]

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Get Style Inspiration For Your Winter Boots Collection | Fashion News

  Boots are a woman’s best friend, especially because you can wear them through every kind of seasons. Another thing with boots is how you can combine them with different styles, and create your own unique look. It is a footwear that is able to make a statement or a spcific expression.   If you want to draw attention to[…]

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